league executive

League Executive

President: Heather Langdon-Muldoon

Vice President: Milt Agate

League Convener: Mike Minten


Registrar: Ellen Minten

Equipment Manager: Will Mooney

Sponsorship Coordinator: Heather Langdon-Muldoon

Technical Support: Jennifer Cherneski

Referee Coordinator:

General Enquiries: General Enquiries

Email all Executive: executive

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A – Ages 5-7 years: Mike Minten

B – Ages 8-10 years: Dave DaPonte

C – Ages 11-13 years: William Mooney

D – Ages 14-17 years: Mike Minten

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In the interest of respecting volunteers time and family life most communication in this league is done via email. This way we can respond to email when we can fit it into our busy schedules. Exceptions to this are listed above where phone numbers are listed. If needing to know how to register please go to the registration page www.scyh.ca\registration

Mailing Address:

Strathroy Caradoc Youth Hockey

P.O Box 42

Strathroy, ON

N7G 3J1