• Make sure your child has the following equipment; skates, cup, shin guards, pants, socks, shoulder pads, elbow pads, helmet with cage, neck guard, mouth guard and stick. This is not only for desired safety but also an expectation of the League Insurance

    • Mouth guards are often uncomfortable for children at the beginning. Be sure to cut to size and heat according to instructions on package to properly form. For new players have them wear for short periods of time increasing closer till hockey time. Remember, players should not be on ice without any of the needed equipment and this includes mouth guards. Mouth Guards can be fitted to your mouth. Check with your dentist if interested although usually unnecessary expense. There has been some discussion that mouth guards help prevent concussions but this has not been proven.

    • Jerseys and goalie equipment are provided by the league. In the younger age groups each player has the opportunity to play goalie if he/ she wishes

    • Any clarification please contact convener for your age group or your child's coach

    • Coaches are expected to wear a properly attached helmet while on the ice and roll model safety.

Play to have fun and be Safe!!!!