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Group rules at bottom of page

    • Expectations of Coaches

  • Be in the arena 15 minutes before ice time

  • Be prepared to be on the ice with the players

  • Equipment needed is; helmet, stick, skates, gloves optional

  • Make sure players have all the equipment required especially neck and mouth guards

  • Practice time 25 minutes, game time 55 minutes unless other arrangements agreed upon by coaches

  • This is a non contact league, make sure players abide by this

  • Ensure all participants regardless of skill level are given the same opportunity including equal ice time to learn the skills of hockey, play the game, be part of a team and have fun

  • Create a positive and encouraging environment that focuses on the individual not the level of performance

  • In group A & B the coaches need to be on the ice to help out during the game.

  • Group B should only have 1 coach on the ice for encouragement reasons and depending upon the skill level the coaches may not need to be on the ice at all, use your discretion.

  • Group C should have no coaches on the ice after a few practices again use your discretion.

  • When handing out sweaters create a master list of names, numbers and telephone numbers of the players wearing the jerseys. A copy of the master list needs to be given to the conveners of your division.

  • Most important HAVE FUN and Play Fair

Coaching questions contact appropriate convener from the Contact Us page.

Parent expectations

  • Team selections are not complete till 3-6 weeks into season. Minor changes may be made to ensure teams are reasonably fair and fun for all. Cooperation is expected from all.

  • Make sure your child has the following equipment; skates cup, shin guards, pants, socks, shoulder pads, elbow pads, helmet with cage, neck guard, mouth guard and stick. (see equipment page for more details)

  • Make sure your child is dressed and ready to go on the ice at the appointed time

  • If you have a concern please take it up with the coach or the convener of your child’s division. See Contact Us for details

  • If asked upon to help do not be afraid

  • Remember the coaches and referees are volunteers and they are doing the best they can

  • Remind your child of sportsmanship

  • This league is for fun, cheer your team on.

Convener Expectations

  • Lay out expectations to the coaches

  • To be available to the coaches when needed

  • If issues do arise to be able to mediate such issues and come up with a resolution, do not be afraid to ask opinions of the executive if in doubt.

Coaching questions contact appropriate convener from the Contact Us page.

Player Expectations

  • respect coaches, referee's and other players - remember referee's and coaches are volunteers giving you a chance to play and have fun

  • follow rules without question

  • play safe

  • always do your best as your team is depending on you

  • good sportsmanship is expected of you

  • be on time and ready to play

  • wear the expected equipment - it is not optional

  • understand that teams are not final till 3-6 weeks into season - minor changes may be made


This is a non-body contact league and follows typical rules however depending on age and ability this will vary. We have made a list below of some of these guidelines.

Group A

The only time the puck should be picked up is to throw it out of the net. We do not call offsides, icings or penalties. Children breaking rules will be corrected / taught by coaches when appropriate

Group B

Penalties will be called if they are fragrant and deliberate according to ability. Coaches will monitor their players about this as in the past.

Offsides should be called and the coaches need to teach this rule to their players.

Icing the puck could also be called again coaches need to teach the players the rules however in the past this hasn't happened. We will leave to discretion of coaches and referee's

Group C

Call penalties, offsides and icing as in a regular game.

The players are at an age that they should know the rules and if not they can learn them quick

Group D

Same as group C