about our league

Registration for 2023-2024 Season

● Registration forms are available here

● 2022-2023 season had 299 players. This is the maximum number of players that can play within our league. Therefore, we would strongly recommend that you register your players early to ensure that they can play next season.

● Early Registration - March 31-September 1, 2023. Cost $240

● Late Registration - After September 1, 2023 - September 16, 2023 . Cost $280

○ Important Note: 

Late registration does not guarantee that your player will be added to a team. On September 1, at the end of the business day, we will be collecting all registration forms/fees from our P.O. Box and Strathroy Sports. Any registration forms that are not collected by the end of this business day will automatically be considered late and the fee to play will be $280 without a guarantee to be placed on a team.

● Forms of payments: E-transfer, Cheque, Cash

○ Etransfer is the preferred method of payment, followed by cheque, and lastly cash.

○ When sending an e-transfer, the email address is info@scyh.ca. Please use the security question “What sport is this for?”. Make sure you include your child’s name(s) that are registering in the comment section of the e-transfer.

● Post dated cheques can be dated August 15, 2023.

Equipment Return

● All players require full personal equipment to play (i.e. skates, stick, socks, helmet, mouth guard, neck guard, jock or jill, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin guards)

● The league provides a jersey for your player, which must be returned at the end of the season

● Goalie equipment is provided to each team

Age Groups

● Group A - players born between 2016-2018

● Group B - players born between 2013-2015

● Group C - players born between 2010-2012

● Group D - high school aged players (2006-2009)

Ice Times and Dates

Groups A-C play games on Saturdays, anywhere between 7:00am to 5:30pm Group D play games Friday nights at either 8:00pm or 9:30pm

All games take place in Strathroy (typically at West Middlesex arena)

● All ice times are 1 hour and 20 minutes. There is a half-hour practice followed by a game.

● Players are placed on a coloured team at the beginning of the season. However, we sometimes have to make switches during the season, so your player may be switched to a different team throughout the season.

● The season starts the first weekend after Thanksgiving and runs until the end of March. There are typically 2 weekends throughout the season that we do not have games, as the arena is booked for other organizations.

● The last weekend of hockey is a fun week, with a pizza party and family skate.

Volunteer / Fun League / Refereeing

● Strathroy Caradoc Youth Hockey is run by volunteers. We always appreciate help, so please let us know if you are interested in coaching or refereeing (which

is located on your players registration form), or email us if you are interested in being part of the SCYH Committee.

● High school students can referee Group B-C teams. These hours can be used towards their high school volunteer hours for graduation!!!

● We are a fun league that accepts all skill levels. We encourage active participation, our fans cheering on our players, and everyone to enjoy a non-competitive hockey experience.

● We are a non-contact/non-physical league. We want our players to have fun while playing in a safe environment.

League Executive

SCYH Committee 2023-2024

League Convenors - Mike Minten & Matt Gleeson

Registrar - Cecile Van Aert

Facebook/Social Media - Sharon Stockman

Treasurer - Heather Langdon-Muldoon

League Insurance - Heather Langdon-Muldoon

Referee Coordinator - Patricia Adamson

Secretary - Patricia Adamson

Tech Support (email addresses, website) - Jennifer Cherneski

Equipment Manager / Jersey Sponsors - Position needs to be filled (Will Mooney, the outgoing Equipment Manager will assist the new Equipment Manager at the beginning of the season)

Year end party coordinator - Heather Langdon-Muldoon with the assistance of a new volunteer (position needs to be filled)

Picture Day coordinator - Position needs to be filled

Division Coordinators -

 Division A = Matt Gleeson

Division B = Rick Lenting

 Division C = Dave DePonte

Division D = Position needs to be filled

If you are interested in taking on one of these positions, please email Mike Minten at mike@scyh.ca