May 1 Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the Strathroy Caradoc Youth Hockey meeting held this date at the Middlesex Community Living Building at 7:30 p.m.



Tara Bolton

Milt Agate

Don Lyons

Jeanette Lyons

Sheila Pelleboer

Steve Luciani

Warren Jutzi

Shannon Leitch



1.         2008/2009 Registration Form

            Steve Luciani presented the Committee with an updated registration form for             their review and comments.  Steve will incorporate the suggestions made and   forward the registration form for distribution.


2.         2008/2009 Registration

            The Committee discussed ice time for the upcoming season.  Heather Langdon-Muldoon forwarded a letter to the committee in her absence stating that the registration weekend of June 12th and 13th has been confirmed and will happen at the Gemini Sportsplex – Wescast Room.  The Committee discussed the staffing and set up for the registration weekend.  Sheila Pelleboer will forward an e-mail to all Committee members to sign up for time slots on registration weekend.  Warren Jutzi will update the website with current registration information and request more volunteers for help with registration.  Steve Luciani agreed to forward all members of previous years an advance copy of the registration form.  The Committee agreed that all players who have participated in previous years will be given the opportunity to submit their form by mail in early June prior to the registration weekend to ensure their spot in the organization.


3.         Ice Time

            Heather Langdon-Muldoon forwarded information regarding SCYH requesting           additional ice time from the Municipality of Strathroy Caradoc.  She noted that           there is no additional ice time available in time slots that will suit SCYH   requirements in Strathroy or surrounding area.  Due to this the Committee     agreed that registration numbers will have to be capped at the same number             as last year.


4.         Referee Training

            Sheila Pelleboer shared the results of her research regarding referee training.  She informed the committee that SCYH can hire a trainer to train as many referees as the organization would like, however this type of training will not give the referees any certification.  Alternatively, she informed the Committee that referees could be sent to a training course to be certified at a significantly higher cost.  The Committee decided that certification of the referees was not crucial and requested Sheila to further investigate having a trainer come to run a session for anyone interested in refereeing for SCYH.

            Heather Langdon-Muldoon forwarded notes expressing concern about cancelling     the end of the year pizza party to allot the funds towards referee training.  She            noted that she has received calls from some parents and players that would         prefer to have the pizza party continue.  At the previous meeting the Committee     decided that the end of the season pizza party would be canceled and the      cost     savings from this would be designated to the proper training of referees.  The Committee still decided to move forward with allotting the funds towards referee    training and will suggest that coaches consider their own “end of the season”   parties with their respective teams.


5.         PO Box

            Jeanette Lyons shared information regarding SCYH obtaining a PO Box.  The           Committee agreed that the PO Box will be necessary for registration purposes      and requested Jeanette to move forward with making the necessary             arrangements to put this in place.  Once the PO Box has been assigned SCYH’s     mailing address will forwarded to all Committee members and posted on the             website.


6.         Website Suggestions

            Warren Jutzi discussed the importance of all Committee members activating their    e-mail and offered assistance for setting them up.  Warren requested         suggestions to improve the website and for useful information that could be       posted for players and parents to review.


7.         Equipment

            The Committee noted that SCYH’s equipment is being sorted through.  New and       used jerseys and goalie equipment will be purchased as required.  The     Committee discussed the importance of all players wearing proper equipment.              The Committee noted that mouth guards have not always been worn and that      players have been seen with their mouth guards hanging from their helmets.  The      Committee agreed that a coaches meeting will be held before the start of the         season to go over the enforcement of players wearing proper hockey gear.  Milt             Agate volunteered to create a list, including a diagram of proper hockey gear so         that new and existing players are aware of what equipment is required to play.              This list will be provided to players at registration and coaches will be provided         with the list to hand out at the first game of the season. 


8.         Coaches

            The Committee discussed the recruitment of coaches for the upcoming season.        Milt Agate agreed to provide information to be posted on the website so that         individuals are aware of what is expected of SCYH coaches.  The Committee    also discussed posting links to hockey websites that list hockey drills and             suggested activities to help coaches organize their practices.

9.         Next Meeting

            The Committee discussed the location and date of the next meeting.  It was   noted that the current location will no longer be feasible.  Suggestions were     made regarding alternative locations that Committee members will follow up on.  Once a location has been determined an e-mail will be sent and information will             be posted on the website.  The Committee tentatively set June 24th, 2008 as the       next meeting date pending the outcome of the location.



The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.





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  Heather Langdon Muldoon                                                     Shannon Leitch

             President                                                                             Secretary