Letter Group D Feb 2011

Dear Parents and Players of Group D:

STRATHROY-CARDOC YOUTH HOCKEY (SCYH)  is a youth, non contact recreational hockey league. The philosophy and goals are simple, all participants regardless of skill level are given the same opportunity including equal ice time to learn the skills of hockey, play the game, be part of a team and have fun.  Since the league’s inception in 2000, SCYH has grown from 36 players and 2 teams the first year into a house league of 352 players and 22 teams. The league includes ages from 5 to 17 year olds.  It is a mixed league with both boys and girls playing together.  The games are once a week, for an hour and half, a 20-30 minute practice and then an hour game. The older players 14 and up play on Friday evening with the younger teams playing on Saturday, anywhere from 7:00am to 7:00pm.  

Due to an incident on Friday February 18 there have been some suspensions laid out and feel there is a need to remind all parents and players of the nature of this league.

This league is ran totally by volunteers allowing the costs to remain low making it affordable for more kids to enjoy the game of hockey.  Volunteers include executive, coaches, and referee’s who give freely of their time and deserve and will get respect if we are going to continue to provide an opportunity for this age group to have some fun.  There has been some discussions that this age group be lowered or eliminated due to concerns of the conduct of some players.  It would be unfortunate if a few individuals spoiled it for the many players that follow the league’s philosophy. We must all work together to ensure the future of this age division.  Another concern that needs to be mentioned is that occasionally people from outside Strathroy Carodoc Youth Hockey league have attempted and sometimes succeeded in playing in our league.  This cannot happen as they are not sharing the costs which should be a concern to all, and they ARE NOT insured and present a risk for themselves and the league as a whole. Policing these issues is beyond the scope and philosophy of Strathroy Carodoc Youth Hockey and if they continue the future of his age group could be in question.  

We all need to stand up and ensure these issues don’t continue.  Parents we need your support to remind your youth of their responsibility to conduct themselves with courtesy and respect for each other and those that volunteer to give them this opportunity.  Playing Hockey in SCYH league is a privilege not a right.

If anyone has any questions please contact Milt vicepres@scyh.ca  519-666-1603 or Heather (president) 519-691-7107