Kraft Hockeyville

Strathroy is making a bid for Kraft Hockeyville 2012. If we get in the top 10 and win it is a huge boost to Strathroy Caradoc lots of news stories, the municipality will be highlighted on CBC TV on hockey night in Canada. There will be a pre-season NHL game held in the area highlighting Strathroy and all its hockey leagues, plus the prize is $100,000. which is going to West Middlesex Memorial Centre to update the seating. Believe it or not those benches were put in in 1954 as temporary seating as they had run out of money, new renovations 2010- 2011 great job but no funds to upgrade seating.

If the municipality has any chance of winning we need support from the community, going to the website below and signing up as members for West Middlesex Memorial Centre, Strathroy, Ontario At present our membership is too low to qualify, we have to show mass community support to qualify. This qualification period ends on January 31st, 2012. Then on March 3rd, 4th & 5th we will need votes. I will remind you about that when it gets closer.

Go to this web address:

click the sign up via email or facebook if you prefer
fill in short form and submit
next screen click on find a community
in search box type in "West Middlesex Memorial Centre, Strathroy, Ontario"
Click "join now"
fill in form, enter age
Click "register"
Click "continue"

Now you are a member.

This is really important, please please please everybody sign up. Lets get qualified, lets show we have great community spirit. While you are on if you have time view the stories and pictures of hockey in Strathroy over the years. By all means if you have any stories or pictures you can add them just follow the directions on screen.