Feb 18, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Notes for the MEETING OF THE

HELD ON Wednesday, February 18, 2009 AT


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Present: Milt Agate, Tara Bolton, Heather Muldoon, David Stokes, Adrian Tamminga, Steve Luciani, Sheila Pelleboer 

  1. GROUP D
  All members present discussed the issue of aggressive play at length. Feedback from two coaches who could not make it but provided e-mail correspondence were also tabled at the discussion. Solutions ranged from the cancellation of the remainder of the season for this group to suspensions and fines for certain aggressive players only. In the end it was decided that a letter would be drafted by Heather and presented to every player on Friday night. The letter would outline the concerns of the league for player safety and remind all players of the spirit of this league. Adrian and Milt would be refereeing this Friday and would speak to each team before their respective games. Suspensions would be handed out if necessary to players whose play was determined to be overly aggressive by the referees. 

    Coaches were to be reminded that they had the support of the executive to sit or even suspend players whose play was disrespectful, dangerous, and unacceptable based on the ethos of play fair, play safe, and have fun.  


    The Pizza Party will be held on March 21st, 2009 upstairs at the WMMC for groups A-C. A schedule is going to be produced by Heather based on when teams play that day. It is anticipated that Pizza and Drinks will be available from 11:00AM-2:00PM that day. Each player and coach will be entitled to two slices of pizza and a drink. All siblings, parents, guest will be ask to pay a nominal fee if they would like pizza and/or a drink. 

  The coaches appreciation skate/hockey game will be held on either Saturday March 28th or Saturday April 4th from 7PM-10PM at the WMMC. The ice will be available for a free family skate from 7PM-8PM. Then a coaches/volunteers hockey game will be held from 8PM-10PM. The date will depend upon how well the Strathroy Rockets do in the playoffs this year.
  A final newsletter will be produced and handed out on February 28th reminding players/parents/coaches of the need to hand in/collect sweaters/goalie equipment/pucks that belong to the league. It will also remind everyone of the pizza party on March 21st and that registration for current SCYH players will be held that day as well. Forms will be available and full payment will be required in the form of cash, cheque, or post dated cheque (up to August 15, 2009). We will continue to accept early registration in the PO Box up to April 30th. Official registration open anyone else interested in our league will be held at the Gemini on June 19th and 20th as per the previous minutes. 

    Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. 

    Next Meeting: To be book in the Gemini for first or second week of May, 2009.